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The ABC’s of Design

Another from the 2013 archive, design is an active profession, design is verb. I still beleive you always need to be creating.

Here’s the original 2013 post:

Design encompasses a number of skills, I wrote about what (link:blog/skills-for-design text:I consider the top ones are) before. In thinking some more about that and recalling some of the times I’ve been the most frustrated with design work and all it entails, I thought of what’s alway kept me moving. One rule in design to outweigh them all.

Always Be Creating

There are times in a designers work and career that we spend chunks of time on things other than creating. Meetings, talking, navigating the seas of internal politics. These are the times I have the most trouble, the times that I doubt.

If you suffer the same, the antidote is to give yourself time to be creating something that energizes you. Step out of your daily expertise and just make. Sketch, draw, code, do whatever. Just always be creating, exploring and learning.

Always Be Creating. My ABC’s of design.


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