Blue and orange smoke swirling together to illustrate dueling ideals

When Good is the Enemy of Done

I think the actual saying is, “Perfection is the enemy of good.” For me, for now, on this rework of my personal site and getting this blog up and running, I’m trying hard to get to “done” and we’ll worry about “good” later.

As I believe most designers will attest to, getting your own website and portfolio up and running falls to the end of all priorities. This site has been in a coming soon state for at least 3 or 4 years now and that’s just dumb. So, fuck good and lets roll with done.

Of course, I’m not done. This will never be done, but done enough to launch the podcast, done enough to start talking about me, and done enough to publish the first blog post. All of those things are currently in questionable states of “good” but empirical states of done. Win!

There is a running joke in the industry of Product Design about never iterating past the MVP.

My commitment here, to me – you’re not reading any of this anyway, is go move from done to good over the next weeks and months.

I’ve been good before

In my years of experience as a UX and Product Designer, I’ve made “good” – and even some great – for other people, companies, and businesses. I’ve also been shit at self promotion, this effort is part of changing that self promotion miss. It feel especially necessary given the current job market and what feels like a pretty big shift in the tech landscape overall. I need to find the right topics to talk and write about while note constraining myself to just a designer and product guy.

To close this out and completely contradict the title of this post, this work and this site will never be done but it will get good, for now I’m just happy it’s started, launched, and public.